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Commercial Security Systems

JPM Security Ltd install all types of Intruder Security or cctv for business Alarm Systems, whether your premises is pre-wired for an alarm or not.

Pre-Wired Premises

If your premises are pre-wired for a Security alarm we can offer you perimeter or area protection depending on weather the wires are at the windows or in the corners of the rooms.

Wireless Commercial Alarm

It does not matter if your business premises is not pre-wired for a Security alarm we can protect it with a Wireless Intruder Alarm which will protect your premises in the same way. The security system runs on batteries so there is no need for wires anywhere on the premises and it works in the same way a wired alarm works.

Commercial Fire detectors / Security Panic buttons

We can protect your premises with the installation of Fire detectors and Security Panic buttons also linked to the intruder alarm and if your premises are monitored by a Security Monitoring station, they will call the Fire Brigade or Gardai if required.

Locksmith Galway

We can replace your locks in the case of employees leaving or new premises or if you want to upgrade your door locks with extra security deadlocks or bolts.

Security Lighting

We offer Security Lighting which will come on in after the alarm is activated and in the case of a fire will help you and your employees to evacuate the premises quickly and safely. We also offer sensor lighting around the building that is activated by motion.

CCTV Systems

We offer a wide range of CCTV Systems, from Security dome cameras to hidden cameras and Mobile CCTV Systems.

We install CCTV Digital Video Recording equipment from the high tech end to the basic small business premises that can record security camera footage for over a month. We also offer a software package so you can remotely view the CCTV cameras on your premises from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world by way of a laptop and broadband.

Whether its a pub, niteclub or shop and it's one camera or a dozen cameras we can cater for it.

Door Access Systems

We also install electronic Security door access systems and keyless entry, audio/video intercoms, electronic gates, wheelchair door access and even change of locks and handles.

Need an Electrician?

Need an extra Network or Telephone or wifi/GSM access points in the back office or new premises we can wire and terminate it for you.

If you need extra lighting or a few extra electrical sockets in the office we can wire and install them for you.