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Home Alarms & Security

We install all types of Intruder Security Alarm Systems, whether your house is pre-wired for an alarm or not. All our Alarm Systems can be monitored by a monitoring station similar to what phonewatch do or by the customer themselves via their mobile phone.

Pre-Wired Installation

If your house is pre-wired for a Security Intruder alarm we can offer you perimeter or area protection depending on whether the wires are at the windows or in the corners of the rooms.


Wireless Intruder Alarm

It does not matter if your house is not pre-wired for a Security alarm we can protect it with a Wireless Intruder Alarm which will protect your home in the same way.

Fire detectors & Security Panic buttons

We can protect your house with the installation of Fire detectors and Security Panic buttons also linked to the intruder alarm and if your house is monitored by a monitoring station, they will call the Fire Brigade or Gardai if required.

Security Lighting/Sensors

We offer Security Lighting which will come on in an alarm activation and in the case of a fire will help you and your family to evacuate the house quickly and safely. We also install sensor lights that come on when someone enters your property at night.

CCTV Systems / Remote Monitored CCTV over Internet

We offer a wide range of CCTV Systems, all kinds of dome cameras and front door cameras and Mobile CCTV Systems over the phonewatch.

We can install CCTV Digital Video Recording equipment from the high tech end to the basic home cctv system that can record Security camera footage for over a month. We also offer a remote monitoring software package to enable you to view your cameras over a laptop and broadband connection anywhere in the world. Whether it's one camera or a dozen cctv cameras we can cater for it.

Door Access System

We also can install electronic Security door access systems and keyless entry (Act, Comelit, videx, paxton etc), home audio/video intercoms, electronic gates, accessible door access and even change any locks or handles around your home.

Need an Electrician?

Need an extra Network or Telephone point in the front room or kitchen we can wire and terminate it for you.

If you need extra Lighting around your home for security or an extra socket in the kitchen or bedroom we can wire and install them for you.