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5G & Wifi Access Points


Does your internet work in all areas of your home including upstairs?

Does your broadband work on your patio or deck?

Does your phone have low signal inside your home or office?

Most broadband providers will come to your premises and install the router for your broadband at the nearest telephone point but that area is not always the best area to have a good wifi signal. Get better wifi in my home in Galway. We can either move your Galway broadband service providers router to another location and or install additional internet wifi access points around your premises so your wifi signal will be strong and fast.

Some of the services we can provide,

Network Broadband wifi Points

Name the wifi point SSID of your choice

Fibre Broadband

IP Wifi Network

External Wifi Points

Wifi Speed Test

Wifi Booster Galway

GSM boosters

Double your wifi strength

Poe Access Points

Hotel and hostel Wifi systems

Extra telephone Points

Create Wifi Hotspot

Easy to remember passwords

Virgin, UPC, Sky, Eircom, Vodafone, Eir, Digiweb,fibre

Secure Wifi Access

802.11 A & B Channels

Wireless Access Points Galway

4G & 5G boosters

2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz Frequency

Free Wifi Points

Guesthouse Wifi systems

Generate new Ssid

Cafe Wifi

Fibre wifi

Password Protected

Office Wifi

GSM Boosters Galway